This Is His House and These Are His Rules

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About the Book

This Is His House and These Are His Rules tackles the Bible in a historical approach—from creation until what Christianity has evolved into today.

The book highlights the most significant events in history that is concerned with the development of religious beliefs. It explains and documents how the Bible was written in relation to the time and age it was created.

Written in a layman’s perspective, it is understandable as it is educational. It encourages readers to participate in saving their own souls by finding and accomplishing their personal missions on earth with the help of the Bible.

The book interprets the Bible as the literal truth. And that its contents should be interpreted by each individual through their own moral fiber and their desire to either pass or fail God’s test.

Readers’ Testimonials

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About the Author

When Nicholas M. Cuono Sr., or more commonly referred to as Nick, was about 26 years old, a very strange phenomenon occurred in his Parish’s Church . This event changed the direction of his life. He started to pray…really pray…and as he prayed, he learned the reason he was put on this earth. In addition to writing this book, his mission is to help others find their way through this life and to teach them how earn a passing grade to make it into the next life…the eternal and everlasting life of happiness with our God.

The Bible:


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God is very mysterious and more times than not will deliver hidden messages within His words. Even though Moses is responsible for the writing of the first five books of the Bible, Moses was not there at the time of creation. He simply wrote the words that were delivered via God’s methods. Our minds, hearts, and souls must look within the penned words for the hidden truths.

The scientific community would have you believe that God didn’t create man; man, created God. They would have you believe that this started with an unexplainable explosion from an intense heat and gathering of cosmic material, a giant “cosmic egg,” without origin. Well, I’m gonna tell you that the chicken did come before the egg and that “cosmic chicken” was indeed the Almighty—our God . . .

Prayer is a wonderful thing, and I’m sure I’ve told you already that I pray most of the time. Even when I’m not praying, I’m trying to pray. Prayer is any thought, word, or action, which is pleasing to God.


I hope you’re having a wonderful day. If you have any concerns or you just want to share something, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear anything from you.