Belief in Life after Death

Nicholas Cuono December 5, 2017

There is always a divide in opinion when it comes to life after death. Most people believe…well hope in it, while others simply do not. Although there is nothing new with the two sides, what many people fail to realize is that belief in the concept of an afterlife is a great testament of faith in the promise by the Father and His Son.

Despite numerous studies, there is no concrete proof o . . .

The Church as Business: How Does It Work?

Nicholas Cuono November 27, 2017

The first thing that usually comes to mind when people talk about business is money. Hence, when people talk about the church as business, the perception is that the church exists to make financial gain.

Yet this interpretation has been twisted out of context. Yes, the church is a business, but not the money-making entity some people view it to be. One of the important businesses that the c . . .

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Nicholas Cuono November 21, 2017

In this physical world, we are made to believe that life isn’t all that simple and that we have to get ahead of everybody else to achieve genuine happiness. Well, happiness surprisingly, doesn’t come in a bottle…rather, it comes from an optimistic view of the world. Most believe that everybody that has a brand-new car or a big house, or millions of doll . . .


The Path to Becoming Selfless

Nicholas Cuono November 13, 2017

Keys to Being a Selfless Person



What makes a person selfless, and why is selflessness important? With our world today, people always have their own motivations for doing something. For some, the motivational answer to the question What’s in it for me? Sometimes, the perception of their answer to themselves will weigh on a person’s w . . .

Talking to God Is a Conversation

Nicholas Cuono November 6, 2017

Talking to God in Prayer—a Conversation

In prayer, we are talking to God. Consequently, prayer is thought as our conversation with him. But is it really a conversation? A conversation is defined as an exchange of ideas, while our prayer is simply a monologue in cases where someone’s faith is lacking.

In the Bible, a prayer is often described as any . . .